Undertale Review

Here I am yet again with another indie game. I wouldn’t be able to sleep well at night if I didn’t share my thoughts on this. I strongly recommend Undertale to people, who like these kind of games, but if you don’t like 8-bit, you better close this page. This game is an 8-bit miracle. Personally I never got used to the music of these kind of games, but Undertale made me not care about the music. First of all, you get used to everything because the gameplay is so easy. The fact that there are metaphorical extractions from real life and that there is someone in this dark world who will care for you and be a mother for you, named “Toriel”, binds you to the game.

One of the most interesting parts of Undertale is its “battles”. Apart from the looks that reminds Pokemon, the fact that you don’t need to kill makes the game overflow with innocence. I’m sure you also know it’s almost impossible to find a role-playing game that is not “Hack & Slash” nowadays. This reality, which drives me insane, appears to be eliminated in this basic, beautiful, warm game. In this game, that was presented to us by Tobyfox, life will stop for indie game lovers. If you feel bad, this game will offer you things, that nothing else will.




  • As I mentioned above, Undertale is very easy to play. After you memorize a couple of key-bindings, you can simply dive into this strange world.
  • Does this game give us, what we want? Yes. The existence of such games proved us that indie game developers won’t be stopped.


  • The graphics are like what we used to see in games that we played on DOS. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? You are to decide. Ultima Online Logo
  • The graphics are not hard on the eyes, you will get used to it very fast. At some point, you will get carried away so much that it will have no difference from the modern game graphics for you.

Here is a short gameplay video

The link for the game:

 Undertale - Steam

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