Innovation of Apple, iPhone SE – Part 2

The innovative side of Apple is the side we’ve always seen until today. Since the day Steve Jobs changed the world and saved all the Chinese children from slavery, nothing was the same as before. Apple concentrated all its environmentalist energy and created iPhone SE. “A big step for small.” meaning “lots of money for a little phone.” The innovative features of the most powerful 4″ mobile phone ever are more than we can even count. Apart from its 4″ screen, it has the same A9 chip and 12MP camera that iPhone 6S also has. Bedazzling us with its brand new design, Apple gives us amazing features like camera, photograph gallery, video, FaceTime, iCloud, fingerprint reading, WiFi, Siri and App Store.

What Apple offers us is not limited to only these. The 16GB version of the phone is only $399, the 64GB version is $499. You will receive a USB power adapter, Lightning to USB cable and headphones. This phone will change your world. Let’s take a look at some of Apple’s innovations until today.


Apple first discovered the phone-camera combination with Sharp J-SH04. Apple innovated this phone, which Sharp produced as the first phone with camera.

Sharp J-SH04


Thomas Wedgwood attempted and failed to take the first photograph with Apple in the 1800s.

Thomas Wedgwood


This application achieved what Facebook or Hangouts couldn’t, obviously. Video-chat. The video-chat feature, which was invented in 1936 was innovatively used by Apple in their mobile phones and with this, they created something that has never been seen before.


In 2007 Apple met Dropbox before everyone else and offered us the services of iCloud in 2011.

Fingerprint Reading:

Motorola first put this technology in Atrix 4G and helped Apple use it to re-innovate it.


Okay, I will give it to Apple. If we are talking about mobile phones, the first virtual assistant was Siri. Even though some of us don’t want to admit it, it’s known that Siri hasn’t been that successful…

Of course there are many more “innovations” but I can’t talk about every single one of them. We know that what Apple does best is the thing that Google should be ashamed about, marketing. If you are wondering, why people would want to buy a mobile phone that has no new features and is in fact tinier, Apple has the answer to that. Even though Apple is different from other companies (in fact they are behind some of them technology-wise), they introduce themselves as innovative and leading at Apple, and people fall in love with that. Who cares about Chinese slave children anyway?


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