Order of the Magi

Order of the Magi Review

I have always wanted to make games, learned programming 3 years ago and finally I had my own time to do something that I really wanted. I have always imagined games as a place where you can create what’s on your mind, like writing a book, so obviously, I created a mage, a lightning mage to be specific.

Order of the Magi

I have created the Suhrahj character around 5 years ago, the whole story is not fully covered in the game but in the part that is covered he is the high prince of the skies. Whilst living in peace, his kingdom falls under siege by enemy mages. Although fair in strength Suhrahj’s kingdom’s numbers are low and they stand no chance of winning this fight, thus his father, the king, sees the solution in the ancient sacred blood. Only able to trust Suhrahj himself, the king gives the task of finding the sacred blood to him. Suhrahj unwillingly leaves his kingdom with his close friend and gets on with his quest. Even though the quest was given in secret, enemies find out about Suhrahj’s absence and quickly realize that the kingdom of skies is reaching its hand out for the last resort. This leads to Suhrahj not being alone on earth. He fights his way through dozens of enemies and their leaders.

Order of the MagiOrder of the MagiOrder of the Magi

Some of the beaten leaders get convinced by Suhrahj’s resolve and decide to join him on his quest, thus forging the order of the magi. After failing to find what he is looking for where he searched, Suhrahj goes through teleportation gates to other parts of the world to continue his journey to find the sacred blood, but of course there is more to come.

Order of the MagiOrder of the MagiOrder of the Magi

The game might take a bit getting used to but once you get the hang of it, you will see your reflexes doing the magic. Order of the Magi is not like most action games you can find in the store, but you will have to try it out first to find out what it is.

A short gameplay video

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Order of the Magi - DarkLapseOrder of the Magi - DarkLapse

You can download the game here

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