Fractured Space

Fractured Space Review

I know how most of you feel. Nowadays games are horrible, aren’t they? I know, but if you can’t eat steak during apocalypse, better eat something, right? This game has been a good snack for me for a while now. I have discovered the 3D MOBA games first with Smite and I also enjoyed it for […]

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Apple Think Different

Why Apple? – Part 1

If you want an apple and you go and buy it from someone’s market, it’s called closed source. If you go and get the apple yourself knowing which and what kind of a tree it is from, it is called open source. I wouldn’t want to be unfair, this is not how it always is. Sometimes […]

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Overclock ve Intel Güç Yönetimi

Overclocking and Intel’s Power Management Settings (EIST, C-States, Turbo Boost)

A. Introduction Does enabling EIST and the C-States after you are done with overclocking cause any performance impairments or other problems? Should they be enabled or not? We’ve managed to reach a conclusion by measuring performance with both purely raw performance oriented (Cinebench, PerformanceTest etc.) and real-world oriented (Final Fantasy XIV, GTA V) benchmark tools. But […]

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