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Fractured Space Review

I know how most of you feel. Nowadays games are horrible, aren’t they? I know, but if you can’t eat steak during apocalypse, better eat something, right? This game has been a good snack for me for a while now.

I have discovered the 3D MOBA games first with Smite and I also enjoyed it for a while too, but Fractured Space is on another level with its details and environment. If you are a lover of newly spreading space-themed games, you have to try Fractured Space. The game is basically a 3D space version of League of Legends (not really) without the trouble of buying items. Naturally there are stupid details like prizes similar to almost all online games. If you can look the other way and just enjoy the game itself, I am sure you will not regret trying it.

One battle lasts around 15-20 minutes and you pick a spaceship to command. There are three different manufacturers named Titan Defence Systems, United Space Research and Zarek Industrial. You can see the ships that can be used as of now:

Titan Defence Systems


United Space Research

Black WidowBrawlerColossusDestroyerDisplacerDisruptorGhostGuardianPioneerRangerWatchman

Zarek Industrial


The best part of this game is, I have to admit, the jumping animation, which you can see at the beginning of our gameplay video. Second best thing is the way you can use the spaceship. There is nothing special about it, but the controls and the feeling of physics are greatly implemented into the game and this helps the boredom of going from one place to another to vanish.

Most ships have skills according to their types. There are three different attributes (Attack, Defense and Utility) and according to these attributes your ships have their roles set, just like in any MOBA-like game. If you would like to find out more about what skills the ships have, you can check it out here.

I’m warning you, you will have an annoying crew in the game that CONSTANTLY talks and says unnecessary stuff, which is supposed to be “fun” I guess? You’ll have to bear with that. You can customize a lot though. You can change your crew, customize your ship or just change the ship altogether. Not everything is free like the game itself of course. Also it says that it’s a team game, but most of the time don’t make the effort to communicate with your teammates. They won’t even bother calling you a “noob”. I suggest you play this game to enjoy yourself, not to win.

The link for the game

Rise of the Argonauts - Steam

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