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Eternal Fate Review

Even though I haven’t managed to get attached to an indie game until now, I would like to prioritise them. I understand whether a game is good or not by checking if it’s addictive enough and that’s a feeling I didn’t get for a long time now. Unfortunately this game isn’t in that tier either, but the fact that this game is short play-time consuming and fluent is a plus for its blend-in to the modern gaming era. Eternal Fate is a simple and an easy-to-play game and like every other game, it’s a lot of fun if you play it with your friends, if you have any.

Eternal Fate



  • The gameplay reminds us of the new Diablo 3 style of gameplay. This style that is perfect for “Hack & Slash” games is unfortunately a let-down for role-play lovers. After all this game is a mobile game, we shouldn’t expect much from it right?
  • No, on the contrary we should expect even more. Mobile gaming has magically gone past console and PC in ridiculousness. The duty to stop this has fallen to us, gamers.
  • I can’t end this without saying that this game gives you everything that you’d expect from such a game like PvP or Co-Op.

Eternal FateGraphics

  • Naturally the graphics aren’t that good, but when has that ever been a problem? Ultima Online Logo
  • The characters remind you of the first 3D games but I can’t say it’s a nice nostalgia.


Here is a short gameplay video

The links for the game:

 Eternal Fate - Play Store Eternal Fate - App Store Eternal Fate - Steam

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