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Guild Wars 2 Review

Guild Wars 2I jumped on this game and bought it the first day it came out. Oh, how excited I was, I sold it to my friend 3 days later, because I don’t remember getting this bored in my life ever. I went ahead and created a character that deals with illusions called “Mesmer”. When you first open the game, it feels really nice, it’s hard to believe that there’s a story for your character in an MMORPG. I have played online games for so long and this is the main thing that I whine about. We are the hero, why should we watch the characters of the developers and see only their victories? It might sound thoughtlessly, but I think you will understand what I mean. This is what Guild Wars 2 makes you feel as you open the game, but then I couldn’t believe that there were only 4 skills for each weapon type that you can use, I got bored fast because I wanted more skills and magic.

Years later I met someone who plays this game like crazy and immediately got sucked into this world again. This time I decided to try the “Elementalist” and compared to my last try, I’ve been playing it for a long time and having fun. To be able to use 4 elements during battle makes the game really exciting. The landscape in the game is something you should see. Even though oldies are goldies  you should definitely try this game, because neither do you see other’s victories like in World of Warcraft nor is there constant meaningless battles like in Knight Online. You even have friends in this story.

When we compare Guild Wars 2 to the abominations of our day it might come out in the front, but unfortunately there are still many things missing in this game. It has the limitations of a modern MMORPG after all. There doesn’t seem to be a fully maintained player-friendly environment, so much that you don’t have much of a choice about anything in the game. Skills, classes, jobs and even weapon styles are limited. If you can reckon without these, this game is for you.


The gameplay is, as you probably have guessed, the same with every game in the market. There are some quirks like tumbling, but those also didn’t save the game from being similar to others in this manner. It definitely feels different when you first open the game, but when you get your hands on your character, you will definitely feel that darkness.

Guild Wars 2



I have to admit that this game has the best graphics between the MMORPGs I have seen so far. Let alone the concept arts, the in-game graphics are also fascinating. You won’t see that childish concept or the amateur drawings. Even if you use the lowest graphic settings, it won’t turn into a monster that will bleed your eyes out. If you are bored of shiny toys and want to see something beautiful, I recommend this game, just log in and watch the skies.

Here is a short gameplay video

The link for the game:

Guild Wars 2 Website

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